The rugged and wild West End of Kangaroo Island

Wilderness, wildlife and Kangaroo Island’s most popular attraction

Severely impacted by the 2019-20 Kangaroo Island bushfires, the island's western side has undergone an impressive transformation, with green vegetation springing out of the blackened landscape, and farmers re-establishing their lands with true island grit and spirit.

Discover the West End Wilderness

This region is rugged and wild, containing vast wilderness areas. It is home to the world-renowned Flinders Chase National Park and the well-known Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail. Since the park reopened, these attractions are now accessible. The granite shapes of Remarkable Rocks are ready to be explored once again as the bush slowly regenerates around them. While you’re in the area, also visit the viewing platforms of Admirals Arch where long-nosed fur seals play and see the Cape du Couedic lighthouse.

Watch the impressive Southern Ocean roll in at Hanson Bay, and beach-walk over the dunes to access all three beaches.

Where the Rocky River meets the sea in the National Park, West Bay on Kangaroo Island supplies jaw-dropping seaside views at the island's westernmost inlet and a tucked-away campground from which to enjoy the abundant wildlife and star-studded night sky.

Visit the remote Cape Borda Lightstation in a wild and lonely place on towering cliffs overlooking Investigator Strait, you will feel like you are the only person on earth. The lighthouse is adjacent to the Ravine des Casoars Wilderness Protection area where you can explore the Valley of the Cassowaries, named after the now extinct dwarf emu.

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The Best Time to Visit Kangaroo Island
    • Remarkable Rocks
    • Admirals Arch
    • Cape Borda Lighthouse
    • Cape du Couedic Lighthouse
    Solo Walker at Ravine Hike
    Ravine Des Casoars Hike


    Highest Cliffs on KI

    Between Cape Borda and Cape Torrens, the cliffs commonly reach up to 200 metres in height, what a landscape!