Adventurous walking and hiking on Kangaroo Island

Explore the Kangaroo Island Wilderness, trail the scenic terrain, leaving no stone unturned.

Kangaroo Island views are worth the trip. With breathtaking scenery across a whole range of terrains, there's options for casual walkers and serious hikers alike. There are plenty of hiking and bushwalking trails for visitors of all fitness levels.

Trio of Walkers
Bush Walking Kangaroo Island

Challenging walks

Strap on your boots and make your way into Kangaroo Island's intricate network of walking trails. These hikes test the limits of physical strength and mental endurance. However, it is well worth it for the breathtaking views across the pristine wilderness.

Pace yourself

Travel along the Kangaroo Islands coastline, taking in remote beaches, flora and fauna, cliffs and experience the diverse landscapes and wildlife with a memorable encounter at every turn.


Discover the beauty, mystery and history by foot along Kangaroo Island's 4500km2 landscape. Kangaroo Island is a 'big island' ensure you allow adequate time to appreciate all that is on offer.

Please consider the possible weather conditions can change very quickly, it is recommended that you always take drinking water, a jacket and a sun hat.

Sculpture Trail
Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail