Kangaroo Island Experiences

Be our guest, go wild, and enjoy

Some 4,500 people live on Kangaroo Island, and many of them have a primary production background. Descendents of Islanders who have farmed the land and fished the seas for generations, have a determination and ingenuity that has been born from isolation, that continues through the generations.

As one of the world's best nature-based destinations, natural attractions and wildlife is on the top of everyone’s list. Put aside time to take a walk or hike it will refresh you and you will feel our Island life.

The adventure on Kangaroo Island is suitable for the whole family, from extreme adventure, through to the lazy leisure adventure, we have everything you can think of.

Our Island Life is rich and fascinating, we have a thriving arts community who have turned their hand to the arts, and the cultural inspiration that this Island lends to local artists gives them the reason to peer more deeply into what is actually here.

Let the Island help you to relax and rejuvenate, it will naturally heal you.

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  • Adventure

    Kangaroo Island attractions are full of adventure with a plethora of activities including swimming with wild Dolphins, quad biking, sandboarding Little Sahara, kayaking, bike riding, shearing demonstrations and more.
    KI Outdoor Action
  • Nature & Wildlife

    Kangaroo Island is a wildlife sanctuary for many animals, birds and plantlife. Renowned as zoo without walls or fences, Kangaroo Island is like its own Australian Wildlife Park.
    Kangaroo and Joey at Pelican Lagoon by Quentin Chester
  • Island Life

    Explore Kangaroo Island’s history, art and culture. Visit the one of the many art galleries showcasing the Island’s passionate and creative art community or discover our history through lighthouses and museums.
    Sculpture Trail
  • Relaxation and Rejuvenation

    Kangaroo Island is best for relaxing. Its nature and wildlife will rejuvenate you; its adventure will refresh you, and its food and wine will nourish you
    Two Girls with fire on beach
Taste a Local Drop at one of the many Cellar Doors