Eat & Drink on Kangaroo Island

Experience the natural microclimate with Kangaroo Island Wines, Beverages and Local Produce

Kangaroo Island is fringed by fertile lands and rich waters, which provides some of Australia’s finest gourmet pleasures.

Islanders have a long tradition of self-sufficiency, and this translates to a fascinating food, Kangaroo Island wines and beverages. Kangaroo Island provides both gastronomic and visual feasts at every beautiful turn. So, prepare to be amazed and delighted with Kangaroo Island’s fresh seafood, freshly caught King George Whiting or oysters harvested right in front of you, our unique ligurian Kangaroo Island honey, and an exciting diverse range of award winning wines, beers, ciders, distilled spirits and liquors.

Kangaroo Island produces food as it was intended; purity, quality and sustainability are the key ingredients.

There is something special about the waters....clean and unpolluted. The flavour of the fish is sweeter and tastier than any other

Andrew Ferguson, Ferguson Australia