Beaches and Bays of the North Coast, Kangaroo Island

Coastal cliffs & hidden coves north-west of Kingscote, Kangaroo Island

North-west of Kingscote, discover the wild and untamed North Coast, Kangaroo Island with clear waters, soaring cliffs, secluded beaches, hidden coves and spectacularly rugged coastal scenery. The North Coast Road winds through the undulating hills, vineyards and paddocks with sheep and cattle of this agricultural area.

North Coast Seaside Attractions

Just a short drive north of Cygnet River, Emu Bay's stunning four-kilometre-long stretch of white sand is a perfect spot for a family day on the safe swimming beach with its protected boat ramp and 100-year-old jetty. Popular for its direct vehicle access, find a spot on the sand and unload your picnic, fishing and swimming gear, and a beach umbrella from the car and you are set for the day. Take care on this beach and help to keep our environment and wildlife safe.

Don’t miss the Emu Bay trilobites—these unusual fossils in the dark grey limestone shale here are found in only a few other places in the world.

Head west after leaving Emu Bay, and solve the mystery of Stokes Bay, a beautiful stretch of beach that can only be reached via a magical walkway through a boulder-lined cave which emerges onto a white sandy beach with rock pools.

Further west, discover the pebbly King George Beach, tucked away in a rocky cove which comes alive with colour at sunset. Snellings Beach, in a spectacular location at the mouth of Middle River, is great for swimming and surfing, along with river and rock fishing. Continue along the steep coastal road to Western River Cove, a glossy black cockatoo habitat, and stay at a campground set beneath the cliffs above the mouth of Western River.

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Local Secrets

Salt Lakes

While driving around Kangaroo Island, you will pass by different salt lakes. On route to Emu Bay, you will notice a large Salt Lake. According to South Australian History..."During the early 1800's, at the time of unofficial settlement at Kangaroo Island, salt was scraped from the surfaces of Mustone Lake, White Lagoon, Salt Lagoon and some smaller ones near Kingscote. Most of this was used for domestic purposes, meat preservation and the tanning of hides which would be pegged out on wooden boards or in flat ground and coated with salt. Occasionally sealers vessels also called in to collect a supply of salt. Both hides and salt were bartered for rea, rum and sugar.