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Research and Discovery Coastal Tours, Kangaroo Island (RAD KI)

RADKI offers guests a rare insight into the largely unexplored North Western coastline of Kangaroo Island.

  • North Coast
Research And Discovery Coastal Tours, Kangaroo Island (RAD KI) offers personalised land and sea-based eco-tours that provide a unique blend of adventure, authenticity and volunteer research tourism. Owned and operated by locals and experienced eco-guides Ro and Phil, RAD KI is driven by a deep knowledge of the natural environment and its inhabitants. Blending citizen science and nature exploration, RAD KI focuses on engaging and educating visitors, facilitating hands-on data collection in rarely explored, ecologically sensitive areas and fostering a deep connection to environment and country. RAD KI holds a South Australian Marine Mammals Interaction Permit, allowing guests to get up close and personal with sealions, seals and dolphins and even enter the water with them under the right conditions.

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