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Rose Cottage Farm

Rose Cottage Farm have a selection of produce and artwork for you at the farm gate.

  • North Coast
Rose Cottage Farm have a selection of items for you at the farm gate direct sales or on-line, from condiments processed with fruit and vegetables from their orchard and shade houses, to the artwork of local artist Deb Trae. Original artwork, prints and also commission work available. Pottery by Robyn Kimber and local potterer Helen Spouse, Soaked KI's handcrafted high quality luxurious products, beautiful candles by Drift on Bliss and jewellery by Peggy Rismillar. At Rose Cottage Farm there is a seasonal range of jams, dehydrated fruits, chutneys and a few other surprises thrown in every now and then, all hand-made in small batches at the farmhouse at Wisanger on Kangaroo Island.

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