The Figgery, a small South Australian family owned business on Kangaroo Island is releasing their unique new product, the Fig Wine Vinegar, on the 5th December 2020 at the Kangaroo Island Stall 17 in the Adelaide Central Market.


Producers of the much loved Sticky Figs and Sticky Fig Syrup have, after receiving a small Advanced Food Manufacturing Grant in 2018 and in collaboration with the University of Adelaide and SARDI, created an Australian first, transforming fresh figs in to a genuine fig wine vinegar. To celebrate the launch of the product, The Figgery is teaming up with Stall 17, the Kangaroo Island Stall in the Adelaide Central Market to host an interactive Q&A tasting session. This event is open to the public and will take place between 10:00am – 2:00pm Saturday the 5th of December 2020.

This will be the perfect opportunity for food lovers and fig tragics to come along and meet the makers, hear their story and pick up some tips on the best ways to enjoy not only their new Genuine Fig Wine Vinegar, but also Sticky Figs and Sticky Fig Syrup.

The Figgery is a slow food business with a genuine commitment to sustainable farming and processing, minimization of off-farm inputs and reducing waste at every opportunity. “Quality not quantity” is the catch phrase at The Figgery, with an emphasis on innovative foods produced by simple traditional methods.                

Innovation and waste reduction are the drivers that eventually led to the production of Fig Wine Vinegar. With some days during the autumn harvest producing a glut of fresh figs, a new way of using the excess fruit was a priority at The Figgery. After a number of unsuccessful attempts at new products, and in consultation with SARDI, it was decided to attempt to produce a vinegar solely from fresh figs. This began a year of collaborative research by The Figgery, University of Adelaide and SARDI to develop a method to build and operate a vinegar bio-reactor at The Figgery. Excess figs are first naturally fermented to fig wine which then undergoes a second natural fermentation to fig wine vinegar. The eventual success was threatened during the January bushfires when much of their property at Stokes Bay was burnt, but fortunately the buildings and infrastructure were saved, along with the first Genuine Fig Wine Vinegar.

Made from 100% fresh figs grown at The Figgery, Genuine Fig Wine Vinegar’s journey from tree to bottle is one of single origin. For owners Daniel and Sue Pattingale, this has been a passionate hands-on journey at every stage of production, resulting in a high quality traditionally fermented vinegar.
This versatile, simple and natural product is pro-biotic and gluten free, and will add a delicious, healthy element to your salads and dressings. Try a few drops on a fresh oyster, your favourite fish, or baked vegetables.



Daniel Pattingale

115 Christensen Track Stokes Bay SA 5223


Mob  0491 178 832


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