Media Release 4th April 2023

Gutsy Kangaroo Island 2023

A Celebration of producers that defy the odds on Kangaroo Island

Gutsy Kangaroo Island 2023

A Celebration of producers that defy the odds on Kangaroo Island

The much-awaited winter event, Gutsy Kangaroo Island 2023, is set to take place from June 8 to June 12, celebrating the determination and brilliance of the Island’s producers. With nineteen events scheduled over five days including the June long-weekend, the Island is set to be bustling.

Megan Harvie from the Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance said, “Kangaroo Island is not the easiest place to be a producer, but the challenge that the Island presents makes the products that much more unique. Islanders defy the odds, always, whether that be the distance, the weather, or the isolation, to craft their product, and the stories to be told about how they achieve this, are incredible.”

Kangaroo Island is bold, brave, and love to celebrate with grit their wine, spirits, cider, beer, and food culture that is built on guts and determination.

The extra-long-weekend will start on June 8 with Mulled at The Shy Wren, an evening of live music, fire, and feasting, cooking with ancestral charcoal techniques, and the red wine will be flowing from very special guests, along with fine tunes to warm your soul.

On June 9, join Dudley Wines for a retro-style party, with a Howard Family Beef Feast cooked over a bespoke vine-wood firepit. Dress up in your 70s attire and groove to the live vintage beats, while indulging in Dudley wines.

For a unique evening experience, Winter Spirits Fest 2023 at Kangaroo Island Spirits is dedicated to celebrating all things Spirits. The event will take place in the gorgeous gardens of Kangaroo Island Spirits, with comfort fires and delicious food straight from the fire pits and will launch the Limited-Edition Navy Strength Gin – curated solely from botanicals in the Kangaroo Island Spirits Garden.

FireFeast - from the wilderness at Gastronomo, will celebrate banquet dining and the sharing of food and conversation through exploring progressive wilderness dining, and at Twilight learn about the Eucalyptus industry at Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery while feasting on juicy beef.

From The Source: Cabernet Franc & Truffle Sensory Experience on June 10 is a unique event exploring two of the world's luxury products - Cabernet Franc and Truffles. Join The Islander Estate Vineyards for a museum tasting of the Vineyard's flagship wine, The Investigator, and an exclusive insight into Kangaroo Island's first fledgling truffle orchard.

Learn how to recognise distinct wine flavours and textures, and the fine art of balancing wine with Sip, Swirl & Savor with a wine blending and tapas experience at Bay of Shoals Wines.

A Little Island Encounter at Springs Road will be serving bowls of slow-cooked lamb ragu, with baked potato and local sourdough bread. Fires will be lit in some old barrels, and the crew will be on hand to talk wine, vineyards, organic viticulture, local produce, politics, religion, and the state of popular music.

At False Cape there will be a feast cooking over hot coals, with premium wines and live music, whilst at the Mercure Kangaroo Island Lodge a 4-course degustation celebrates Kangaroo Island Honey and hears from apiarist Shawn Hinves about how they produce some of the best honey in the world.

If you are wanting to be decadent, then the Aurora Ozone is sweet with honey inspiration, with freshly shucked oysters and canapes, sparking wines and decadent cocktails and desserts.

On Sunday 11 June, join the Kangaroo Island State Hunt, and get back to where all great food is grown, on the farm. Or join in a vegetarian cooking class with food blogger Pranee Howland and Aboriginal Elder Mark Koolmatrie who uncover the unique bushtucker of the region, add in some KI Fresh Garlic and other locally sourced produce, with a twist of spicy Asian. If you are after an extravagant evening, then the Penny Palooza will be celebrating local foods, wine and gin, with local musicians to keep you up all night.

At the end of all this, the Recovery Session is most likely well and truly needed. Immerse yourself in our nature with a Wim Hof led cold-water swim at Penneshaw Beach, followed by warm breakfast cocktails or smoothies.

Bring your coat, your beanie and boots, the fires will be lit, the stills will be full, the vintage is in the barrel, it’s time to celebrate Gutsy on Kangaroo Island.

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Contact: Megan Harvie, Regional Tourism Manager, Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance