In February 2018, a localised fire on Kangaroo Island partially burnt the iconic Enchanted Fig Tree dining venue causing its closure by then operators Hannaford and Sachs. In 2020, the infamous Kangaroo Island fires burnt up to the steps of its leafy doors for a second time, and then Covid-19 closed down the island to visitors…

Today, with help from an Australian Bushfire Recovery grant, a plethora of passionate industry supporters and a small group of local South Australian chefs, the Enchanted Fig Tree is set to re-open again this summer.

With all its usual magic and wonder, the Fig Tree is open from the 11th of December 2020 until 30th April 2021 under Nick Hannaford’s LifeTime Private Retreats new dining venture “Gastronomo”.

“Inspired by our Australian landscapes and our local culture and history, Gastronomo brings the magic of outdoor dining to its guests, artfully combined with a touch of theatre, new tastes and hopefully a few surprises along the way” Hannaford says.

Emerging from one of the most challenging times humanity has endured in many years, Hannaford believes the Enchanted Fig Tree is the perfect way to step out of our mad world into another place and be treated to a magical and memorable dining escape.

Gastronomo is also about bringing people together who share the same philosophy, values and have a connection to Kangaroo Island in some way.

This season’s head chef at the helm is Nathan Parker, one of the original chefs who along with Hannaford’s sister Rachel wowed guests with their culinary delights in 2017.

Over the 5-month season visitors can expect guest appearances from local South Australian chefs Simon Bryant, Duncan Welgemoed and Emma McCaskill who all hold Kangaroo Island as a special place in their culinary world.

Kangaroo Island Spirits (KIS) famous gin will feature in the menu and SeaLink have created a range of special touring and accommodation packages so visitors are able to see more of the island with ease.

“It’s not just about what a customer tastes, sees, or shares on Instagram! It’s how they feel or what they remember that counts.”

As a gesture to authenticity, guests will be invited to ‘go dark’ on social media while they are experiencing the magic at the Fig Tree.

And if you think Kangaroo Island wine doesn’t compare with other iconic regions in SA…think again!  Leading wine critic Nick Stock will be curating a 100% Kangaroo Island wine list and featuring a selection of South Australia’s best craft beers.

More to come… “Gastronomo” at The Enchanted Fig Tree is open for bookings now at

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