Travelling with pets on Kangaroo Island

Travelling with your pets is just like adding another member of your family on your trip, but it can sometimes be tricky to navigate, especially on Kangaroo Island. So below we have some essential information to assist you with getting your pet safely to Kangaroo Island, and services you may need, where you can stay, and where you can visit with your pet while you are here.

It is important to note that all pets are not permitted into National or Conservation Parks on Kangaroo Island due to the wildlife in the area. This also includes leaving your pet in the vehicle. Consider leaving them with a carer for the day.

Cats taken to Kangaroo Island must be de-sexed and micro-chipped as required by KI Council.

Most accommodation providers will need to approve your pet, so please check with them direct.

Getting to the Island


Yes, you can take your dog or cat on the ferry at no extra charge. Check out more information here.

Important to do

We ask all interstate visitors to register the details of their dogs or cats with KI Council. It is important to notify the Kangaroo Island Council of the following details:

  • Duration of your stay
  • Your full name
  • Contact number, while visiting
  • Breed of animal(s)
  • Registration at which Council
  • Microchip Number

Please contact Customer Service on 08 8553 4500 or email

Services you may need

The following contacts may assist you whilst on the Island:

  • Kangaroo Island Veterinary Clinic - Vet services, boarding kennels (08) 8553 2485,
  • Jan’s Pet Care - Daycare or holiday care facilities (08) 8553 2489 or Facebook Page