Walking and Hiking on Kangaroo Island


Walking and Hiking opportunities on Kangaroo Island have a change since January 2020.  With the bushfires through Flinders Chase National Park, Ravine des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area, Kelly Hill Caves Conservation Park, and Western River Wilderness Protection area, many of the trails within those parks have been damaged.  None more so than the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail.  The 5-day walk beginning at the Flinders Chase Visitor Centre and ending at Kelly Hill Caves has had serious damage.  Plans are underway though to revive as many of the walks as possible.

While many people would gravitate to our more well know walks, Kangaroo Island still boasts 19 other walks and trails spread across the landscape that have not been affected by fire.  From easy walk, run or cycle trails within townships, to art sculpture trails, where the trail itself forms part of the art, to Conservation Park trails where nature and wildlife are endless.  Don’t forget our historical trails, where you can follow the amazing story of the Islands forbearers.


Here are our 5 Walks you must not miss


The Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail

In Penneshaw, a 5-minute walk from the ferry, this is a great one for the kids.  Take a wander through ancient forests of blackthorn, watch the wallaby’s in their well-crafted humpy homes, and find beautiful art installations throughout the trail.  The trail winds through a changing landscape, and makes you wonder what is around the next corner.  Within the trail is the States first padestrian swing bridge, built by the Sculpture Park Volunteers, and is a beautiful piece of engineering art.


The Fish Cannery Walk

This beautiful walk takes your though the spectacular bush along the coast on the northern side of American River, to the fish cannery ruins built in the 1890’s.  This is a lovely walk, and on the return, take the beach route to take in the oyster lease and abundant marine and birdlife.


Prospect Hill

You can’t miss Prospect Hill.  Matthew Flinders climbed Prospect Hill when navigating the north coast of KI.  Climb to the same stunning panoramic point to view Pennington Bay and Pelican Lagoon, albeit with state-of-the-art staircase.  How many steps can you count?


Cape Willoughby Heritage Hike

This self-guided walk at Cape Willoughby lighthouse will take you into the sheltered bay of the 1853 settlement of the early lighthouse keepers, and provide some insight into the construction of the lighthouse, their routine and isolation.  If anything, this walk will make you appreciate how good we have things, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Kingscote Scenic Walking Trail

The Kingscote Scenic Walking Trail begins at the Aurora Ozone Hotel on the foreshore and follows the coastline through to Brownlow, and the mouth of the Cygnet River.  An easy walking trail also allows for cycling, and the local Park Run uses the path each Sunday for their run.  A really well thought out and constructed trail.


Check out our Walks and Hikes Guide here for more detail.

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