1909 Cape De Coudic Lighthouse

The demand for a lighthouse in this area was a must for many years, as the treacherous waters had already claimed a number of souls including three shipwrecks that claimed 79 lives.

Named by French explorer Nicholas Baudin who passed on the opposite side of the island naming the south western point Cape du Couedic after his friend and famous French sea captain Charles Louis, Chevalier du Couedic de Kergoualer (1740-1780).

The coastline based off Flinders Chase National Park was to become the last resting place for 14 ships that came into gloom on those rocky shores.

Ships sunk off the coast of Flinders Chase include:
Mars   (1875)
Emily Smith   (1877)
The Loch Sloy  - Maupertius Bay - 24 April 1899
Loch Vennachar - West Bay - September 1905
Montebello    Stunsailboom - 18 November 1906


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