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Kangaroo Island Wool

Visit our retail store at Cygnet River, or experience the fascinating artistry of wool on our captivating Mill Tour.

  • Cygnet River
Kangaroo Island Wool, a pioneering South Australian company, sets a new standard in the wool industry with a focus on modern farming practices, animal husbandry, and fine merino wool production. What truly distinguishes them is their ambitious move towards on-site, end-to-end manufacturing through a vertical wool mill, ensuring complete control over quality and sustainability from scouring to the final product. Embracing innovation and eco-conscious practices, Kangaroo Island Wool leads the way for environmentally friendly, Australian-made, and high-quality woollen garments. Discover the unmatched luxury of Kangaroo Island Wool, whether you seek classic knitwear or stylish accessories, embrace the warmth and style of Kangaroo Island Wool, where a passion for sustainability and fashion meet to create the ultimate in comfort and style. Visit the retail store any time or book online to experience their captivating mill tour.

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