Summer on kangaroo island

December to February

Summer is the most popular season to visit Kangaroo Island for some well-deserved rest and relaxation, drawing visitors from far and wide for its sandy white beaches and astonishing natural landscapes. If you’re looking for adventure there is plenty to discover, from fantastic waves for surfers and boogie-boarders to marine life interactions for the whole family.



Summer is mating time for Koalas, and you’ll be able to keep an eye out for young Koalas perched on their mother’s backs. Platypus are easier to sight with water levels being lower than the winter or spring, and the Kangaroo Island Kangaroo can be spotted taking a snooze out of the heat in the shade of our native bushland. Australian Sea lions and bottle-nosed dolphins can be found in dedicated conservation areas around the Island.

Food and Wine

Food and Wine on Kangaroo Island is relaxed, with a real flavour to be enjoyed with friends.  Seafood lovers will be happy that Southern Rock lobster and Southern garfish are readily available – perfect served with a glass of Kangaroo Island white wine. Fresh local oysters will also be on offer, as well as fantastic honey available from local shops, ideal to make your own local produce platter! Better yet, pay a visit to the producer’s farms to have a tasting and discover where the magic happens. Many of the local cafe's and restaurants will take all of the hard work out of this for you though, and produce brilliant food, just to your liking.


The fishing opportunities on Kangaroo Island are endless. The clean, clear surrounding waters are home to some of the finest eating fish in the southern waters. As well as sea treasures such as King George whiting, crayfish, and oysters, there is also a bountiful amount of produce to be caught in the summer such as Garfish, Southern calamari, Snook, Red Mullet, Sand Crabs and more. Visit our Fishing Blog for information before dropping a line.

Coastal Activities

There’s nothing more serene than sailing around the dreamy coasts of Kangaroo Island. Nepean Bay has sheltered year-round cruising for day sailing and great anchorages along the north coast. Surfing is also a great activity for the summer, with visitors taking any opportunity to be in the water with the warm weather. Snorkeling is also a popular activity as is scuba diving. The whole Island is your oyster with diverse and beautiful beaches literally surrounding Kangaroo Island. Just take your pick!



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