Bed & Breakfasts

Gracious hosts with great knowledge of Kangaroo Island will add a very personalised touch to your stay.

If you would like to get to know the people who call Kangaroo Island home, stay in a hosted bed and breakfast property.   From supremely modern to tuscan-inspired and grand farmhouses, Kangaroo Island has a reputation for unique bed and breakfasts.  Beachside and rural residences provide terrific hospitality, real home cooking, as well as that all-important local knowledge.


How long should I stay?

Kangaroo Island is HUGE!  We recommend giving yourself some time to explore the Island.

7 days or more will allow you to truly discover the magic of this natural paradise.

5 days will show you the main sights and highlights.

3 days will give you a small taste of the Island.

We promise it'll be a holiday you will never forget......




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