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sea lions basking in the sun, wildlife watching you from afar, beaches, beautiful walks and hikes, and amazing food and beverages


Kangaroo Island sits off the coast of South Australia, and is Australia's third-largest Island. Kangaroo Island is more than a day-trip destination. At 155 kilometers long and up to 55 kilometers wide, it covers an area of 4,416 square kilometers, and is separated from the mainland by a 15 kilometer stretch of ocean.  Think of an area 6 times the size of Singapore.

Best known to be a 'Zoo without Fences', wildlife encounters are pretty much a given.  But if you need to make sure you find what you are looking for within a short timeframe, then it is best to tour with someone who knows exactly where to find them.  Kangaroos, Sea lions, Koalas, Echidnas, Wallabies, Goannas, and marine mammals are pleantyful, along with many species of birdlife.  If you are after wildlife, then Kangaroo Island never disappoints.

But many people come here to re-connect.  Reconnect with nature and each other, slow down, and rediscover the things that really matter in life.  Beaches will astound you, our walks and hikes are spectacular, fishing is world renown, and our experiences are pleantyful.  But you can also sit, and just take it all in.  Believe us, Kangaroo Island and its people will grab your heart and wont let go.


How long should I stay?

Kangaroo Island is HUGE!  We recommend giving yourself some time to explore the Island.

7 days or more will allow you to truly discover the magic of this natural paradise.

5 days will show you the main sights and highlights.

3 days will give you a small taste of the Island.

We promise it'll be a holiday you will never forget......

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