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You will be tested. The sea will intimidate you. The winds will howl at you. And the cold snare of Winter will leave you shaking. Endure... Like we Islanders do. For beyond awaits a feast for gutsy at heart. Where spirits flow free. Spits turn patiently with the promise of a hearty meal. and fires roar with welcoming warmth.

Gutsy Kangaroo Island

June is a time of year that Islanders love to celebrate 'Island Life', its a time to experience food & beverages a little differently. Kangaroo Island isn’t the easiest place to be a producer, but the challenge that the Island presents makes the products that much more unique. Islanders defy the odds, always, whether that be the distance, the weather, or the isolation, to craft their product, and the stories to be told about how they achieve this, are incredible. KI is bold, brave, and love to celebrate with grit their wine, spirits, cider, beer, and food culture that is built on guts and determination.

Bring your coat, your beanie and boots, the fires will be lit, the stills will be full, the vintage is in the barrel, it’s time to celebrate Gutsy Kangaroo Island.

Gutsy Kangaroo Island Program 2023
Magical Partnership brings Scorched Fig Liqueur
Enchanted Liqueur

The Enchanted Fig Tree on Kangaroo Island and Full Circle Spirits have joined forces to create a liqueur that captures the essence of the island's charm. The Scorched Fig Liqueur is a new spirit that is sure to take your taste buds on a magical journey, and one that supports low-impact, regenerative practices sustaining the fragile and diverse ecosystem of Kangaroo Island.