Agricultural History
From Wool to Wallaby Skins…

In the early days, as farmers battled to clear the land, their livelihood was principally derived from the bush.

They felled and sold timber, snared possums, kangaroos and wallabies for their skins, collected yacca gum and distilled eucalyptus oil.

In 1952, Kangaroo Inland became home to the first Soldiers Settlement Scheme. This scheme was seen as an opportunity to assist returning WWII Veterans with a form of employment and as a way to develop the land which, due to a lack of population coupled with rising costs was seen to be uneconomic unless production could be increased.  By 1964, all settlers occupied their new farms and encouraging results began to appear.

Find out more about Kangaroo Island’s rich and interesting agricultural history by visiting the Parndana Solider Settlement Museum. 


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