Australian Sea-Lion, Kangaroo Island

How to watch them

On the white sandy beach, sand dunes and coves of Seal Bay is the resident population of around 800 Australian sea-lions. Young pups and juvenile sea-lions play on the beach and in the dunes amongst adults who are most often resting on the beach after around three days at sea fishing. Seal Bay has been home to this resident population for thousands of years, now providing important protection for the population and offers an exceptional nature-based visitor experience.

At this popular tourism destination, you can walk amongst the heart of the Sea-lion colony with an experienced guide, learning about this endangered species and many other coastal inhabitants. There is also a self-guided, wheelchair accessible boardwalk meandering through the dunes to several viewing platforms, where you can set your own pace and watch these playful creatures go about their day-today business.

Did you know?

The Australian Sea-lion breeding season is approximately every 18 months. There is not a designated regular breeding season and even colonies across the world breed at different times of the year, yet they all have an approximate 18-month cycle.

Raising a seal pup is an intensive exercise for Australian Sea-lions, with pups requiring milk for at least 18 months, and then the female spends an additional 18 months teaching her pup the art of fishing and catching their own food. Females will only breed in the colony where they were born!

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