Keeping Kangaroo Island Special

Kangaroo Island’s remoteness and isolation has created a special environment. Owing to its isolation from the mainland, the island is free from many pests and diseases found on mainland Australia. The risks of pests or diseases be introduced has the potential to devastate the local environment and agricultural industries, and we all play a part in ensuring its protection. Please help up to protect this unique place, and keep it special for the next generation.

Bees, bee handling equipment and honey products

Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary to the only Ligurian Bee population in the world. Transporting bees, bee handling equipment and honey products (yes this includes jars of honey) could provide a pathway for diseases. Help keep this species pure and disease free by leaving your honey and bee equipment at home. Take advantage of local honey producers to replenish honey supplies and enjoy the taste of Kangaroo Island honey.

Rabbits & Foxes

Foxes and rabbits are declared pests on Kangaroo Island and deer, ferrets and goats require a permit before being brought to and kept on the Island. All these animals can have devastating effects on the island’s wildlife and native vegetation.

If you are travelling from a declared fruit fly outbreak area remember to check the fruit fly outbreak map to see if your area is affected, so you can understand the restrictions that apply.

You can help by reporting any sightings you have of these animal or plant pests immediately to the Department of Primary Industries and Regions Kingscote office on (08) 8553 4949.

Unwashed or dirty Potatoes

Kangaroo Island is a quarantine protected production area for seed potatoes. The seed potatoes grown at the western end of the Island are prized by mainland growers for their disease-free properties. Kangaroo Island's seed potato industry is still recovering from the 2019-2020 summer bushfires with growers working together to overcome infrastructure shortfalls and recover.

Unwashed or dirty potatoes may carry disease which could devastate the island’s seed potato industry and we ask that you leave them behind. Instead stock up on local potatoes while you are here or bring washed or brushed potatoes in new packaging with you.

Declared Weeds

Hidden hitchhikers can travel to Kangaroo Island on vehicles, boots, and equipment. Cleaning vehicles, camping equipment and hiking boots before your visit will help remove any residual plant and soil material that may bring hitchhiking weed seeds with you. Cleaning your boat and fishing gear will also reduce the introduction of aquatic pests which are a major threat to our marine environment.