Top 5 Kangaroo Island Surfing Beaches and Breaks

Kangaroo Island Surf Spots for Both Experienced & Beginner Surfers

1. Vivonne Bay surf beach

2. Pennington Bay surf spot

3. Stokes Bay surfing

4. D'Estrees Bay surf hangout

5. Hanson Bay surf beaches

Hanson Bay is a surfer’s paradise, with two beaches east of the river mouth that are great for surfing. The best season to take to these waters is anytime during the winter.

These beaches are exposed to dangerous rips which can make the waters challenging to negotiate, so Hanson Bay is ideally suited to very experienced surfers. If you are a beginner, you will find Vivonne Bay a lot safer and more accommodating.

The small, remote area of Hanson Bay has a distinct wild beauty, with its white sand and blue waters that are typical of Kangaroo Island’s beaches. In addition to surfing, this is a wonderful spot to go fishing. The bay is only accessible via West River Road, which is unsealed.

Be mindful sharks and rocks.

Top tip when visiting Kangaroo Island's Surf Beaches

While our top five recommended surf spots are among the best one can find on Kangaroo Island, the waters—like the weather—can be unpredictable. To avoid disappointment and err on the side of caution, chat to the locals and check online for a Kangaroo Island surf map before you head out. View the latest reports in real-time from local surfers across the island, with additional information such as wind conditions, wave height, sea temperature and air temperature. Once you know what conditions to expect in each place, you can plan your visit according to your level of ability. A little preparation will help you enjoy your surfing adventure to the maximum—and perhaps even be able to check out multiple surf beaches in one day!

Getting the most from your Kangaroo Island holiday