Snorkelling on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is surrounded by 540 kilometers of spectacular coastline, which has been said to rival the Great Barrier Reef in diversity. You know what this means… it is perfect for snorkelling, so if you are planning a getaway to Kangaroo Island make sure you pack your snorkelling gear - (oh and maybe a wetsuit, our waters can get a little cool!)

You'll find incredible pristine waters and wildly diverse marine life on Kangaroo Island. Mask up and get beneath the surface to see fish, sponges, crabs, seahorses, reefs, rays, and more. There are a range of fantastic spots for snorkelling around Kangaroo Island.

Where are the best locations to snorkel? Well read on!

Stokes Bay Rockpool
Stokes Bay Aerial

The sheltered rock pool provides great snorkelling for kids and adults alike. Containing a number of different species that thrive in the sheltered waters alongside the open sea. The perfect spot for families and those that are newer to snorkelling but will reward all those taking the plunge.

Hog Bay Beach - Penneshaw Beach

Located at the eastern end of Hog Bay Beach, follow the reef in front of Frenchmans Rock. There are more colourful reef fish here to be seen such as the Magpie Perch and the Scalyfin.

Brown Beach

Has a fantastic campground where you can leave your car and take the easy path down to the beach. If you then swim in from the BBQ shelter and away from the shore, you will find the reef. Browns (as it is known to the locals) is a great spot for seeing Silver Drummers, Banded Sweep, and Blackspotted Wrasse.

Red Banks

Many fish can be seen in the shallow water sandy and seagrass areas. Take care heading down to the beach as the trail can be steep in some areas and sometimes slippery. There are also reefs out in the deeper water for more experienced swimmers.

Rolls Point Kingscote

Located right in our main town this great snorkelling spot has easy access from the yacht club. Always a safe and sheltered spot, great for families and those looking for shallow waters and gentle waves. Look for Zebrafish, Eagle Ray, little Weed Whiting, and Western Talma.

Rocky King George Beach

You will need a 4wd to get to the end of this beach, alternatively you can leave your car at the end of King George Beach Road. This reef is home to many different species of fish including the Longsnout Boarfish, the Herring Cale and the Old Wife.

Western River Cove
Western River Cove

Located on the north coast this fantastic cove offers a variety of colourful reef fish. These include the Blue Groper, Horseshoe Leather Jacket, Banded Seaperch and the Common Bullseye. Western River Cove has easy access from the beach and you can leave your car in the campground and walk over the bridge.

Harveys Return

Located at the far western end of the island Harveys Return is for the dedicated snorkeler! Leave your car in the campground and take the Harveys Return Hike. This is only 750 meters but is very steep so please take care. Those who take on the challenge could be rewarded with seeing Blue Gropers, Harlequin Fish, and Rainbow Cale.

Hanson Bay

Located on the south coast, this protected bay is home to a variety of invertebrates and fish. Look out for the Eight-armed Seastar, Bluethroat Wrasse, Turbo Shells, and Sea Sweep. There are two main beaches at Hanson Bay and the first one is the safest for snorkelling, check local conditions and be wary of rips and undercurrents.

Vivonne Bay

The best snorkelling on Vivonne Bay is around the jetty and towards Point Ellen, it is also the safest of all the spots in this area. Vivonne can be prone to swell and rips so be sure to check the conditions when you arrive and throughout your adventures. Expect to encounter Southern Goatfish, Smooth Stingray, and Dusky Morong.