Into the Abyss on Kangaroo Island

You don’t live on an island without having a passion for the sea, and everything that comes with it — from the finned and majestic, to the downright frightening.

Sean Pearce, with his warm smile and rough handshake, is your quintessential islander — living for lazy days on the water, as he wakes at dawn, cup of black Lipton tea in hand, and plans his next catch.

It’s this lifelong love of the deep blue that makes Sean the ideal guide to the pristine waters of Kangaroo Island.

Family fishing on Kangaroo Island
The Fisherman

Whale Watching

If you (like Sean) prefer to wait for the warmer months to go fishing, a rewarding winter activity on Kangaroo Island is whale watching.

The best months for watching whales from the Island are May through to September. In late autumn Southern Right and Humpback Whales begin migrating north from their summer feeds in Antarctica to breed and give birth to their calves in the warmer tropical waters of the Pacific.

Toothed whales, including Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales and Orcas can also be seen during this time, but are best spotted from a boat. Blue Whales also feed offshore near Kangaroo Island within the upwelling zones and are an awe-inspiring sight for those lucky enough to spot them.

While you can see whales from most corners of the Island, the best places to watch from land are: Penneshaw, Kingscote and Nepean Bay, Cape Willoughby, Pennington and Flourcask Bay, Vivonne Bay and Seal Bay, Cape Borda and Cape du Couedic.

For the best views make sure you find an elevated place to watch, bring your binoculars so you can see the whales up close, and pack a warm jacket and flask of whiskey…you might be waiting for a while.

Dolphin Experiences

Fancy getting up-close and personal with dolphins in their natural habitat? Any local would tell you to call Andrew.

Male Snorkeler with Dolphins

Andrew Neighbour has been the owner and operator of Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures for over 13 years and offers truly unique and natural marine and wildlife experiences for visitors to Kangaroo Island.

“Our business evolved out of a passion for wildlife, and just a love of nature really," Andrew says.

“I knew where all these dolphin pods were and the beautiful places to go swimming, so we got a suitable vessel and started taking people for wild dolphin swims on the coast.

“It's a true wild swim experience.”

Male Snorkeler