Kangaroo Island nightlife — 5 after dark activities

Kangaroo Island stargazing and nocturnal wildlife spotting experiences

Night-time transforms Kangaroo Island into a magical wonderland with nocturnal wildlife, crystal clear skies perfect for stargazing, picture-postcard sunsets and time for a yarn or two around the campfire.

So instead of seeking indoor activities, get into the great outdoors after dark and discover some of the key wildlife spotting points on Kangaroo Island. Or try one of the other memorable night-time experiences, get back to nature and see a different side of island life.

Top 5 things to do at night-time on Kangaroo Island

Not sure where to start? No problem! Try our guide to the top 5 night-time things to do around the island:

1. Discover Kangaroo Island’s nocturnal wildlife

Wherever you are staying on the island, take a night walk and discover some key wildlife spotting points on Kangaroo Island. The island’s many wildlife species are active during the day, but at night you might see some of the more elusive animals and birds, such as bush-stone curlews, boobook owls, brush-tailed possums, Kangaroo Island kangaroos, Tammar wallabies and even echidnas.

Don’t miss the cute little penguins scuttling out of the ocean after a day of fishing in Penneshaw!

Also available are three-hour four-wheel drive fully guided night tours commencing at 8.00 PM, venturing from Kingscote to some of the best Kangaroo Island nightlife locations. These tours offer an unforgettable evening experiencing Kangaroo Island’s amazing wilderness areas and its nocturnal wildlife.

Two Females Watching Sunset on Roo Bar

2. Sensational sunset spots on Kangaroo Island

There are many beautiful locations for an unobstructed view of a sensational Kangaroo Island sunset—just ask a local for their favourite! Pick your spot, bring a picnic rug, some nibbles and a bottle of wine, and embrace nature’s light show. Don’t forget the camera!

Driving too far at night is not recommended, so stay somewhere close to your preferred sunset spot. Here are a few of the best places from around the island’s various regions to catch a Kangaroo Island sunset:

  • Kangaroo Island’s Remarkable Rocks in Flinders Chase National Park, are an incredible sunset viewing spot. The rust-orange colour splattered on the gigantic Remarkable Rocks is enhanced even more during the golden glow at sunset, when the stunning colours of the rocks are reflected on the wild ocean.

  • Flagstaff Hill Lookout at Reeves Point in Kingscote is another spectacular spot where you can see a Kangaroo Island sunset. Walk or drive to this magnificent vantage point overlooking Kingscote’s jetty and beach area, the town, and across the Bay of Shoals to North Cape.

  • Pennington Bay is an ideal spot for sunset viewing. After the beach and fishing crowds have left for the day, the long stretch of white beach transforms into an almost-deserted setting, perfect for watching the tranquillity of a stunning sunset.

  • Take a short walk from your Penneshaw accommodation to the Christmas Cove mini marina on the western side of town. Stand above the rocky cliffs on the eastern side of the bay, and watch the sky light up with colour, reflected beautifully in the water surrounding the boats below you.

  • Getting to the secluded Stokes Bay on the west coast of the island is half the fun. Walk through the hidden rocky tunnel that is the only way to access the beach, and you’ll be rewarded by a perfect sunset spot—where there are unlikely to be too many other people. Don’t forget to take a torch to find your way back once the sun has set!

Time your arrival or departure on the Kangaroo Island Ferry and you may get to see a splendid Kangaroo Island sunset from offshore. It’s the perfect way to end the day—as well as being a great start or end to your island getaway.

3. Relax beside a warming campfire and bright, clear night sky

Nothing beats an open campfire on a crisp evening, with toasted marshmallows for the kids, and a glass of wine or beer for the adults. Spend quality time with family and friends, discussing the day’s events and watching the sun dip below the horizon or looking up for some Kangaroo Island stargazing.

Note that campfires are only permitted at certain campgrounds on the island and must be contained in a fire pit above the ground or in a purpose-built fireplace. Try one of the following campgrounds where campfires are allowed, except on total fire ban days:

  • Murray Lagoon Campground has four communal fire pits.

  • Discovery Lagoon Caravan and Camping allows campfires in above-ground fire pits.

  • Brown Beach Campground allows campfires in designated fireplaces.

  • Antechamber Bay and Chapman River Campgrounds in Lashmar Conservation Park allow campfires.

Remarkable Rocks at night

4. Kangaroo Island stargazing

Star seekers are rewarded with some of the clearest night skies in South Australia due to the island’s southerly location and remoteness. Gaze up and try to identify the stars and planets twinkling above.

The special thing about Kangaroo Island, which is considered one of the top places for stargazing in South Australia, is the darkness of the night sky, and lack of light pollution compared to the mainland. Australia’s Southern Hemisphere location faces the Milky Way, which means stargazers can see 100 times more stars than can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere.

Kingscote Silo

5. View Kingscote silo art by night

Wonder at the Kingscote silos just off the Playford Highway that stand at 25 metres tall, overlooking the township. The impressive painted murals depicting Kangaroo Island wildlife are lit up at night. One painting features a giant Kangaroo Island kangaroo, while the other depicts an endangered Glossy Black-cockatoo. Artists Cam Scale and assisted by Andrew Davis created these imposing artworks, part of the ever-growing South Australian silo art collection.

Seek out the night-life on Kangaroo Island

There is more to Kangaroo Island than its diverse and plentiful daytime activities and experiences. Kangaroo Island nightlife gives a whole new range of experiences that will appeal to all ages—from small children to adults.

The natural beauty of Kangaroo Island will mesmerise you and make your stay one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Whether it be stargazing in the clear night skies, a night spent searching for nocturnal wildlife, getting cosy by a campfire, or by simply relishing a superb sunset, your night-time adventures will round off your day perfectly during your stay on the island.