Media Release 6th June 2022

SENSORIUM, Land, Sea, Earth… Time to dine differently

Often, it’s the simple things that create great memories – a meal shared with friends or family in a stunning location where nature plays its magical part.

Nick Hannaford, Owner of South Australia’s wilderness dining outfit Gastronomo Dining is opening his next new dining adventure on Kangaroo Island with Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel as part of their 2022 Winter Series.

Nick explains his new luncheon experience SENSORIUM, Kangaroo Island. Land, Sea and Earth is simply about celebrating pristine produce in an environment that connects to the senses and the art of eating together while sharing stories...

Some of the most memorable dining experiences I can remember have come unexpectedly. They have delighted with simplicity, an element of surprise or have exceeded a preconceived expectation

Nick Hannaford