A Magical Partnership brings a Scorched Fig Liqueur to Kangaroo Island's FireFeast Dining Adventure

Media Release Wednesday 12th April 2023

The Enchanted Fig Tree and Full Circle Spirits have collaborated to create an exclusive, limited edition spirit - a Scorched Fig Liqueur.

The Enchanted Fig Tree on Kangaroo Island and Full Circle Spirits have joined forces to create a liqueur that captures the essence of the island's charm. The Scorched Fig Liqueur is a new spirit that is sure to take your taste buds on a magical journey, and one that supports low-impact, regenerative practices sustaining the fragile and diverse ecosystem of Kangaroo Island.

This exciting collaboration brings together the expertise of Full Circle Spirits, a small-batch artisanal distillery known for its exceptional spirits, helmed by Rose Kentish (Rose Kentish Wines, The Sparkke Change Beverage Company) and the magic of The Enchanted Fig Tree, one of Kangaroo Island's most beloved living venues. Together, they have created a liqueur that is both unique and enchanting.

"The joining of spirited people in taste and mind has led to this remarkable collaboration," said Rose Kentish, co-founder of Full Circle Spirits. "Our partnership with The Enchanted Fig Tree has brought together our passion for crafting exceptional spirits and their magical venue to create our Scorched Fig Liqueur, a truly unique spirit that embodies the essence of Kangaroo Island."

"We wanted to create a liqueur that captured the essence of Kangaroo Island and its bountiful produce. The organic figs from The Enchanted Fig Tree were the perfect choice, not only for their incredible flavour but also because they represent the natural beauty and seasonal abundance of the island.”

“By using locally sourced, organic ingredients and sharing the stories of the communities who cultivate them, we hope to inspire a deeper connection with the earth and a greater appreciation for the transformational power of nature.” - Rose Kentish added.

Organic figs picked from the The Enchanted Fig Tree itself are scorched over heat to bring out the rich and opulent flavour of conserve figs. The addition of KI Honey gives the liqueur notes of honey and buttered toast, and a long, viscous finish. An enchanting journey with every sip.

“Following the devastating fires of 2020, it is more important than ever to support the regrowth and renewal of this beautiful place. We are custodians of the land, and we have a choice and responsibility to design, invest in, and encourage low-impact and regenerative practices that protect our life-sustaining systems for generations to come.” - Nick Hannaford of The Enchanted Fig Tree.

The Scorched Fig Liqueur is now available for purchase online at the Full Circle Spirits website and various venues across the country. It is the perfect addition to any cocktail or can be enjoyed on its own as a sipping liqueur. Don't miss out on this magical experience, one that is exclusive to only 300 bottles.


Enchanted Liqueur

FIREFEAST June 8-9 2023

As part of the celebration, Full Circle Spirits and The Enchanted Fig Tree are hosting a unique dining experience called FireFeast to launch the Scorched Fig Liqueur. This exhilarating adventure features two chefs, a winemaker, a bonfire, flaming cocktails, and a progressive banquet set inside a historic old shearer’s hut made from the wood of surrounding sugar gum trees.

Lit by flickering candlelight, each course showcases the best of Kangaroo Island’s local foraged produce that only a local knows where to find! Your evening will be hosted by Adelaide chef Alana Brabin (If You’re Game), Rose Kentish (Full Circle Spirits), and The Enchanted Fig Tree’s Nick Hannaford. Together, the trio brings the theatre of interactive dining to life as they cook, smoke, and flame each tasting course from an impressive fire pit.

"FireFeast celebrates the magic of collaboration and comradery, where guests can come together over delicious food and drink," said Nick Hannaford, event producer at The Enchanted Fig Tree. "We're thrilled to host this unique dining experience and showcase the best of Kangaroo Island's local produce."

FireFeast celebrates shared table dining with a mystery course that will test your collaboration & survival skills under the stars.

Warning – Not an evening for the faint of heart!

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