Parndana & Heartland 

Venture into the heartland of the island where you will find its most central township, Parndana. 

Parndana is the agricultural hub of the island where farming provides a valuable contribution to the economy, largely through prime lamb, wool, cattle and broadacre cropping. Other farmed items include marron, viticulture, broccoli, potatoes and honey.

A great base to explore the North and South coast of the island, Parndana offers a small amount of accommodation from cottages to bed and breakfasts and a caravan park. Services in Parndana include a Golf Course, BMX track, Children’s Playground/Picnic Park, and Museum. Mechanical & Petrol supplies, Post Office, 7 day Supermarket and 24 hour laundry mat.

The Parndana Hotel is an oasis in the middle of the island and is a perfect spot for a cold beer and a pub meal. Additionally, home to the Kangaroo Island Shearing Hall of Fame here you will also find many interesting photos, artifacts and information.

Not far from Parndana is the Andermel Marron Café where you can enjoy freshly farmed marron and indulge in a large selection of Two Wheeler Creek Wines. Additionally, visitors can view marron up close in the holding tanks.

Also a must see in this region is The Island Estate Vineyards established by Frenchman Jacques Lurton in 1997. Here you can undertake a fully guided tour of this 5-star winery while taking delight in trying some award winning drops.

If looking for handcrafted items, then head for Roo Lagoon Gallery located off the Playford Highway. Both beautiful and functional these pieces are made from rich red gum trees found on the west end of Kangaroo Island. 

Parndana also has an interesting history which is showcased at the Parndana Solider Settlement Museum. Here you can experience the way life was in the 1950s for the ex-WWII servicemen and their families as they set out to turn scrubland into farmland on Kangaroo Island.

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park located in Parndana is the second largest privately owned park in South Australia. Here you can see an extensive array of animals and birds including the opportunity to handfeed the kangaroos and wallabies and even pat a koala.

Parndana and Heartland Highlights include:

• Soldier Settlement Museum • Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park • The Islander Estate Vineyards and Cellar Door • Walking Tracks • Parndana Gold Course • Roo Lagoon Gallery • Andermel Marron Café and Two Wheeler Creek Wines


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