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American River Experiences

Book an experience to discover about aquaculture, how oysters are farmed, the history of American River, enjoy a shucking demonstration and taste of fresh oysters.

  • American River
The Oyster Farm Shop is creating experiences for visitors that are unique and authentic to Kangaroo Island. There is always something local, sustainable and delicious to taste when you have an experience with them. The Oyster Farm Shop is an authentic farmgate showcasing Island aquaculture and sustainable seafood including local oysters, marron, abalone/abalini and King George Whiting. In 2020 American River Experiences launched their first land-based Oyster Farm experience in American River where you can join them for a walk and talk, learn about how oysters are farmed in South Australia, the history of American River and enjoy a shucking demonstration with a taste of fresh oysters. Book a spot on their new Shucking Experience in the waterfront Secret Oyster Bar to learn how to shuck oysters and enjoy them with a glass of local wine or beer whilst your host talks you through all things oystery! The Sashimi Platter is an online bookable experience where guests can enjoy a South Australian Sashimi platter including tuna and kingfish. While you are booking ahead, ask to enjoy this in their waterfront Secret Oyster Bar!

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