Autumn ( March -May)


Autumn on Kangaroo Island is ideal for those who want to experience well-lit days in the outdoors while rugging up at night to enjoy a Kangaroo Island red wine over dinner. For bushwalkers and photographers, March to May are the ideal months to visit. Birdwatchers will enjoy sightings of rare birdlife, while wildflowers are blooming all over the Island. In the inviting season of Autumn, opportunities to explore the Island are endless.


The mild temperatures and dry conditions this time of year allow for walks of any nature; long, short, easy or difficult. The walk from Harvey’s Return to Cape Borda takes a few hours and is filled with rewarding sights. The Ironstone Hike is soaked in local history and begins from Penneshaw, with fantastic views of the mainland to be seen. The Flinders Chase Coastal Trek is a 3-day hike from Cape Borda to West Bay, ideal for experienced hikers to explore. Those looking for a short walk should try the Tadpole Cove walk at D’Estrees Bay, for a taste of history and geology.

Photography and wildflowers 

In Autumn on Kangaroo Island, the native vegetation is in full bloom. Ideal for photographers, gardening enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys the beauty of nature, the scenery is fantastic. Banksias, peapods and gumnuts lining vast landscapes, as well as mallee expanses sparkling in the sun, groves of tall sugar gums that will stun you and sheoak woodlands drooping low are just a taste of what you’ll find around the Island. 

Fishing and boating

The mild and calm weather at time of year makes for a relaxed and comfortable fishing climate. Over Easter weekend, the annual American River Fishing Spectactular competition takes place, where you’ll be able to engage in friendly competition with the locals. Boating and kayaking is also a wonderful activity in the mild weather, ideal to soak up the bright days but curl up by the fire at nighttime. 










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